Transaction Details

1. FCRA Updates:13/7/2015- RTGSIW: Stitching SIMAVI:UaCM/UfBR, The Netherlands of Rs. 486610 only.

2. FCRA Updates: 30/7/2015- FIT: SIMAVI RUTGERS The Netherlands of Rs. 871483/- only.

3.FCRA Updates:1/8/2015- RTGSIW: SIMAVI:UaCM, The Netherlands of Rs. 696419/- only.

4.FCRA UPDATE:  Fund transfer(RTGS) of Rs. 290772 by Misereor, Germany for the Arsenic mitigation project on 19/10/2015

6.FCRA UPDATE:  Fund transfer of Rs. 9,70,600 by Karl Kubel Stiftung, Germany Prog. on 17-02-2016