Under ‘Support’ mainly training programmes were organized in various regions of Bihar. The activities for support to VOs & CBOs  are mainly designed for technical and human resource development programme implementation, monitoring and developing appropriate management information system for community health programmes . The programme is planned to develop capacity of various organizations for better programme implementation, conducting surveillance and improving quality of coverage in their ongoing health programmes. A variety of capacity building under this were organized such as- Community Health Management, Gender Sensitization, T.B., Kala-azar and Malaria Management, Population Stabilization Management & Post-Flood Disaster Management, HIV/AIDS awareness. Training on Health Advocacy planning, monitoring, evaluation and sustainability of health programmes were also conducted.

  • BVHA’s prime concentration lies on the promotion of educational level among underprivileged section of the society in Bihar through its network on health and other health related programmes. So, BVHA’s priority has been its education and training programmes to facilitate the better management of the voluntary organisation’s action in the field of health and development. BVHA plays a vital role in promoting health movement by way of involving its member organizations, govt. agencies, other developmental agencies and participation of community at large.

    The educational programmes are divided into the major areas which are as follows:


BVHA concentrates mainly on the need for training programmes to develop human resources in the field of community health, management capability building and many other issues such as traditional system of medicines, gender sensitization, other health issues faced by the people of Bihar and resource mobilization through information sharing and capability building. The emphasis has been given more on staff capacity development of its member network for handling all sort of health and development related activities. The main aim is to enhance knowledge, skill and bring about a positive attitudinal and behavioural changes among the participants and the same time to develop trainer’s team in voluntary sectors.

BVHA training programmes are totally based on participatory approach and learning approach in a purposive and direct sense.

BVHA conducts training programmes in its own programme schedule as well as on request basis made by its members and participate in other development programmes organized by other state of National Level Agencies to enhance its own staff capability for programme management.


Issue Based Training Programmes; Like

  • TOT on Malaria Management.
  • STDs/AIDS Management.
  • Gender Sensitization.
  • Kala-azar Management.
  • TB Management and Surveillance.
  • Rational Drug Therapy.
  • RCH, SRHR.
  • School Health Management.
  • Tobacco Control & Management.
  • PC PNDT Act to check Sex Selective Abortion.

Community Health Programmes Management.
Management Capacity Building Programmes.
Advocacy Training.
Dev., Motivation, Leadership & Communication.
Women Empowerment.
Traditional Birth Attendants (TBAs) of safe delivery practices.
Hospital Administration.
Organizational Management.
Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR).
Organizational Development.

(ii) ON REQUEST BASIS: BVHA Conducts on request  training as per the need and terms & condition.

  • Community Health.
  • School Health Programmes.
  • Traditional Birth Attendants.
  • Hospital Administration.
  • Issues Based.
  • Development, motivation and leadership.
  • Organisational Management.
  • Information, Communication and Documentation (MIS).
  • Women Empowerment.
  • Community Organisation.
  • Diarrhoea Management.
  • Malaria Control.
  • Traditional System of Medicines.
  • RCH, SRHR.
  • DRR etc.

Most of the training programmes are conducted by BVHA training team and its resource pool at local level. In some programme the help of outside resources are also taken which are of specific health and development issues.

The target groups for training programmes are mainly Nurses, ANMs, trainers, grass-root health promoters, project coordinators, project holders, head of the institutions, school teachers, head masters, govt. health personnel, traditional medicine practitioners, traditional birth attendants, village leaders, members of RKS. VHSC,PRI members, laboratory technicians etc. BVHA’s own scheduled training programmes are organized at the centralized and regional basis.


BVHA has been venturing into wide public education and awareness through mass media communication to disseminate health and development oriented messages to the underprivileged section by way of participation of Book fairs and traditional fairs. The main motto of BVHA is to create awareness among the community on health and development. At the same time, BVHA helps its member organization/institutions in organizing and participation in mass education programmes.

The interventions for coverage in mass education are as follows:

  • Slum awareness.
  • Traditional fairs.
  • Book fairs.
  • Exhibitions.
  • Community Radio.
  • Suchna Rath

BVHA stimulates innovative projects and helps to determine priorities for health and development programmes in Bihar which in turn brings optimum benefits to maximum number. It conducts and assists in health research and other evaluation programmes in collaboration with members and other agencies. It also assists voluntary organizations in project formulation, monitoring, evaluation, survey, tabulation, analysis and report writing.

Project development on health for its member organization in Bihar has become one of the major activities of BVHA. It develops projects on the need of the target area and on the guidelines and policies of funding agencies.

At the same time, it has started consultancy role for Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Govt. of India and other funding agencies abroad and in which BVHA  plays a role for pre-funding evaluation, monitoring and evaluation of programmes of different NGOs and strength their activity so as to prioritize development action and NGOs for better results on health and development promotion in the State of Bihar & also in capacity Building activities on behalf of International/donor agencies.


BVHA’s main concern is for disseminating health information’s. As such it collects information from various sources like govt., non-governmental resource organization, National and International bodies related to health and other development information’s. BVHA has been providing information’s with regard to medical programmes of other agencies, various communication and audio visual aids and similar kind of information for the benefit of its member organizations.

BVHA emphasizes improvement of the information dissemination system by channelising the required health and development information’s received from various sources like Govt., WHO, UNICEF, UNDP, CHAI, CMAI, State VHAs, VHAI and other resource agencies.

It is also important that the information’s from BVHA network is also collected and shared among BVHA members and to the organizations within and outside state of similar nature. It collects information from its own network on experiences, achievements, problems faced, special creativity whether individual or organizational.

BVHA has a documentation center where various collections on development education materials such as books, journals, magazines, information’s on development, audio visual aid are available. The facilities of which are open to any organization in development activities. We also process the various health status through collection of statistical facts, its analysis and reporting.


India especially Bihar has been prone to natural calamities such as flood, drought, earth quake, out break of epidemics on various occasions. So as to deal with this kind of emergency situation, BVHA actively engages itself in carrying out health relief measures by involving members and mobilizing resources to meet to the agency.

BVHA carries out relief actions by its direct intervention as well indirect interventions on certain occasion. BVHA directly visits the affected areas to provide medical treatment and medicines to sufferers through its medical team and on other occasions it supports its network with financial and material support to carry out the relief work. At the same time, BVHA also draws the attention of media people, govt. machineries, funding agencies and other resource agencies to support relief action to combat the situation.