Liaisoning & Advocacy

However, the advocacy and liaisoning with the Government & community is the major activity of BVHA. BVHA has been advocating in three levels since its inception to increase service delivery at community level. We mobilize, motivate and sensitize target community & stakeholders through capacity building & BCC initiatives at community level. We prepare change agent volunteers at community level as pressure groups. The PRI, VOs and CBOs are the prime stakeholders for demanding basic health services at their own level. BVHA also presents the activity reports of voluntary agencies before the Government so as to sensitize the Government’s Policy and Programmes. BVHA also conducts Research and study on some important issues like needs Assessment and Strategy Development for enhancing collaboration among Government, Voluntary Organization, and PRIs to meet common goals in basic health. It also sensitized policy makers, legislatures and media persons on a miserable health condition of the poor people of Bihar and advocated for inclusion of genuine organization in the district health society under NRHM etc.

BVHA established as Network organization with 127 member organization association in direct involvement and more than 300 indirect associated organizations from all 38 districts of Bihar. BVHA Strengthen state forums and NGOs to provide technical support in respect of organizational development, project planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation as part of capacity building process for better implementation the project. It advocates at various level for ensuring better and quality health services in their operational districts of network member organization.

BVHA also develops better relationship with INGOs based on Health issues to deliver facts on the basis of demand and services. We address gaps rationally on the basis of policy framework and implementation at community level. We have been holding dialogue with INGOs on health issues i.e. policy framework, implementation plan and strategies and gaps area etc.

We collect data from grass root level; conduct survey & feasibility study for the project on the basis of policy frame work and ground reality. The gaps are strongly recommended by BVHA for policy makers and implementing authority especially for the health services.