BVHA Status with Government Agencies/ Department

  1. MNGO status on RCH (MOH&FW, GOI) vide  letter  F.No.L-13012/30/99 SCOVA-4    Dated. 22nd   Jan.2002.
  2. MNGO status on ISM&H (MOH&FW, GOI) vide  letter  F.No.U-12019/3/2003-I.E.C. Dated: 18th  Nov.2003.
  3. SNGO status on ISM&H (MOH&FW, GOI) vide  letter  F.No.L-13012/28/99-S.V.Dated:25th Nov.2002.
  4. Member of District Health Society Patna and Nalanda.
  5. Member of PCPNDT Committee.
  6. Member of State Technical Assistance Group (STAG) committee.
  7. Member of State Tobacco Control Coordination Committee (STCCC)
  8. Member of State New Born Care Core Committee.
  9. Selected for Member of ASHA Mentoring Group of SHSB.